Me, myself, and I

Thursday, November 24, 2005
A continuous struggle is always there between the three of us. Me, myself and I. A huge difference between the one people see, the one I see myself or looking forward to be, and my inner self.

I don’t know if it’s healthy to have these three diverse characters within myself or not, but I’m trying to decrease the gap between them, or at least working on not increasing it.

Actually I don’t know how others see me, but I’m sure most of them see a picture that is not the true me especially if they are building that impression on appearance or in a short time that doesn’t give them enough time to know the person that lies within.

However, it’s not people’s fault only. It’s my fault as well. I sometimes intend to avoid my inner self, and show a fake one instead. Actually it’s not fake, but she is just a picture. A picture of a typical girl who doesn’t differ much than those around her. She attempts to dress like all people around, think like them, do like they do. In short, she attempts to go with the main stream. Sometimes she is naïve, dumb, quiet, and shy. She is doing all that to save herself the hassle of being recognized, and people knowing how does she think. She did her best to hide her true self from others.

Oooppss.. I made a mistake, I’m describing myself according to what other people see, but I’m not other people. I’m still myself. I’m describing what I see of myself, still from my own perspective. From what I feel I am showing, but still it’s not necessarily how others see me.

So, how do they see me?!! Do they understand that it’s a picture, and if only they dig deeper they’ll reach the core?! Or they get deceived by that outer picture?!

But my inner self is objecting for being hidden all that time. She needs to get out, to be set free, and take the lead of my life. But unfortunately, her attempts to come out and see the light weren’t welcomed. She was rejected, and thought of as a new comer.
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Well Moon, I quite agree with you most of us do what you do, we think that normal is good so we try to be what is normal or used to around us just so to stay unnoticed and be unrecognized, but in the process we loose who we are and we suddenly realize it and feel scared.. So, we try to change back but in the process we feel lost..
The solution you say.. I wouldn’t know and if there was one I probably would be the last one to know it.. *2el 7al men ba3do*
Just never cease of doing what you feel and say what you mean, mean what you say..
Someday.. Somehow we hopefully will figure out the way.. but I guess the way we take to do so is simply our life..
Peace Clueless..
The me, myself and I are all the same person , even if you think it's just a shield that hides something inside .. the outside shell is built since the day we're born ,and it forms its shape day by day as the result of many things basically traditions , society , certain standards or expectations usuallly the family has for its members.

Some ppl prefer to stay inside their shell and others break thru it and take the risk...but what I believe is no matter how we try to hide , it'll eventually show.
  At 11/26/2005 02:45:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Get out get out, whomever you are..!!