Are you aware of what you are destroying?!

Monday, November 21, 2005
I really don’t think you are aware of what you are destroying. I’m doubting if you ever appreciated a father daughter relationship at the first place!

My only problem is I can’t dislike you, and I will not even say hate you. For I can never forget the good things you did for me, though I can’t forget the pain you caused me as well.

You weren’t there when I was in bad need for you, and later you thought you will invade my life easily. Sorry to tell you that you can’t do that since you weren’t there from the beginning. You came too late.

For many times I’ve wished I’ve lost you.. may be that would have given you an excuse for not being there for me. But you were there busy with your work claming it’s for us, but that’s not true, it’s for your own satisfaction.

I can’t say that you did something extraordinary for me, you just did what any father would do for his daughter, may be even less.

For a long time I was deceived, I thought of you as role model. But you are far from being a role model.

Instead of sharing my happiness, you were always the reason for destroying that happiness. I can never forget what you did in one of the rarest moments that I was in my extreme happiness. You just can see others happy.

You even don’t know what you caused me unintentionally. You are the cause of many problems that suffered and still suffering from.

I’m sorry to tell you from now on you are out of my life.
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  At 11/22/2005 01:42:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Calm down Moon!!
Don't you think you're being cruel ??
I'm sure I didn't see what u saw or lived it ...but it's just too can that be???
it's totally unlike you!!!
It's not only about ur father ...from ur previous post it's with ur mum too...which means your anger is exploding to ppl around you.....
You really need to think it over , and aside this negativity .
Yes, relax. Let it pass.
Moon, I am pretty sure you are over reacting! I don't want to sound like I'm judging you, but trust me, in what fathers are concerned, I could tell you some stuff you wouldn't believe possible. And still I love my father, try to keep him close by, cause I know he'll some day need me and I am positive there is always worse.

Knowing there is always room for worse always helps, trust me, so if you need to talk, email me and we can debate this topic untill you feel better.

Rain, she's not cruel, she's just expressing her self! I swore I'll keep my father out of my life so many times you cannot imagine...It is just a way of letting the anger out and then finding the force to keep your family members, no matter how badly they have disappointed you, closer to you. Or at least this is how I see it!

So if it helps,Moon, let it all out!
I'm calming down.. yes, Kayla it helps just letting it out, even if I can do nothing about it.

Someone, why do I feel that I know you?!!
I'm so sorry Moon to call u cruel...I didn't mean to be harsh ..I was only shocked ! cause I know it's not like u at all.

Deep in my heart I believe ur father loves and all this misunderstanding is a matter of time and isA it'll be solved..
No problem ya Rain.
  At 11/25/2005 01:26:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
"Someone, why do I feel that I know you?!! "

No, you do not, I barely know you ;-)