UPs and DOWNs

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Have been passing through quick changes of mood, up and down every minute. Have been having a terrible headache since Sunday. Left work early yesterday, after an hour of arguing with myself if I should leave early or not!

But I just couldn’t help it. The headache was too much than I can manage, and I wasn’t concentrating, and there was no progress, so I thought I’d better go home.

Later, went to check my blood pressure, I though it was high. Actually that was the first time for me to check my blood pressure. It turned out to be low rather than high. The pharmacist gave me something to take, but the headache continued for the rest of the night.

Today I’m better, the headache is over. Was having a relatively good mood at work. Enjoying my new head phones which I bought mainly to get isolated from people talking around.

Went home with a considerably good mood.. but it’s getting down the curve again. I really wonder what’s the reason behind that quick changes of mood. I don’t like it.

Umm.. I don’t know.. it seems that I’m not emotionally stable these days!
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:S yeah tell me about it!!
Lately I feel I've become officially crazy ..from the mood swings.........