How small is the world?!

Thursday, November 10, 2005
It’s definitely smaller than I imagined.

Today I was having a training by my organization for the new comers.

Couple of weeks ago, I heard of a new employee who joined us but in another department, her name was D.

Today when I went to the training, I saw a girl, and felt that she is the new comer, I don’t know what gave me that feeling, though I almost don’t know any of the people there.

I felt she is staring at me, didn’t know what was the reason for that, I looked at her smiled and went on. Actually I didn’t pay attention to her face details. Later, she was sitting in the table in front of me, felt somehow she is talking about me, I felt that’s weird. Then, she went talked to one of the HR and after that I found her coming towards me.

I thought may be she knew I’m a new comer and she wants to get introduced to me. But to my surprise I found her standing right in front of me and staring at me!! It was only then that I looked to her in the face and had an eye contact with her. Surprise.. I knew why is she staring at me like that!!

D. used to be one of my closest friends at school, but she left school at 1st secondary. OMG.. I don’t know how I didn’t recognize her. She changed a little bit, but still I should have known her. Last time I saw her was first year in college. After that it was just a couple of calls and that was it.

Can’t imagine the surprise. We were separated 7 years ago, and we are back again together working at the same place!!!

Weird world!!
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Our world has this habit of giving you the impression it is small. You meet people in the most awkward places, where you never imagined you could see them again. I guess this is a way of compensting the permanent feeling of neverending that you have when you think about our world. Whenever you think they finally got to know it all, you discover there actually still remain places that no one has ever been to.
Umm.. that's a good way to look at it Kayla, but it never crossed my mind before.
Happened to me too. Was the best surprise, changed my life, but unfortunately to a more perplexing state.
Umm.. and why was that Haal?
Who knows? ,maybe next time you will end with a new comer who turns out to be a fellow blogger or something!
LOL.. who knows, everything is possible these days. Actually I've been coming across bloggers everywhere.. but really won't like the new comer to be a fellow blogger, coz this means I'll stop blogging!