A thin line separates both

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
A thin line separates both, confidence and arrogance, or may be that’s not true, and it’s people who sometimes mistake confidence for arrogance?!
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No, I think the line is very thick. The difference is obvious to me. Arrogance is usually relevant to others, confidence is usually self-contained. But what about over-confidence?
Umm.. I didn’t get what you mean Mohamed, yes confidence is self contained.. but yet it affects your actions and attitude with others, which some people see as being arrogant.. and I guess over confidence might be considered as arrogance, or what do you think?
i belive its a thin line.. YES
because sometimes even the person him/her self mistake wht they feel is confidence or arrogance..

and sometimes.. ppl dont realize the difference all the same :(
  At 8/24/2005 07:59:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Moon, confidence can be mistaken with arrogance BIG TIME, I think it depends on the other party self confidence...u know what??? I discoverd that....shyness also can be mistaken with arrogance...some people think that to overcome their shyness they gotta act like ultra confident w keda...fa they appear to be reall snobs...but the real thing is that they are not...
Exactly ya blue.. sometimes oneself gets confused.

I know exactly what you are talking about ya Nerro, have been there before, and I was shocked when I knew that people think that way!
It's never a thick line.
I was thinking about other thin lines myself and flirted with the idea that I should start a thin line thread of posts on my own blog. Obviously you beat me to it with your first one.

Try to think about it, it's always a thin line between the two extremes.... Realism and pessimism, ambitious and daylight dreamer, brave and suicidal, genuis and crazy, good and evil (if this doesn't sound like a thin line to you ask for examples, tons of controversial ones out there)
i guess that confidence is trusting your own capabilities without looking to people in an inferior look , because you know that there are others better than you at the end of the day.

Arrogance ! I hate it and i hate people who are like that , they dont have to be really talented but still arrogante.

Overconfidence is that you are giving your self a higher rank that you really deserve and trust your own capabilities more than they really are , I guess those who are over cnfident might face some failure because they dont consider their own real level of skills and talents
I think arrogance, is to overestimate your abilities,and to have overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors .
Confidence,Trust or faith in one's abilites.. as a result gainging a feeling of emotional security.
A confident person will always want to enhance his abilities and learn more with a self assurance that he can progress..but an arrogant one thinks he is "Mr Knows It All".
So, it's a thin line.
Dont you think it is relative. The more you are not confident, the more likely you that you recognize anyone as arrogant and over confident. And sometimes, the more arrogant you are, the more easy to also spot the arrogant because your arrogance is crushed by the other more arrogant person thus ur ego hurts :) I am serious!
Chris, I started the thin line thread, waiting for you to complete them. Almost all the thin lines you mentioned puzzled me, especially those "Realism and pessimism, ambitious and daylight dreamer"

Haal, this means that the less confident, and the arrogant people are those who recognize others as arrogant.. Would that mean that those who don't recognize arrogant people are the confident ones?!
Roora, and Rain.. you both gave definitions to a confident person, an arrogant one, and the over confident. The common thing was, you both said that confidence is trusting one’s abilities. I agree to that, but, this needs a person to know his abilities first. So I feel it all depends on the self discovery. Still, outside effects and people around affect a person’s trust in his abilities. If people around keeps telling you that you’re a good doctor for instance, you will believe that, even if you are not, and vice versa, saying you are a bad doctor, even if you are a good one will decrease your trust in your abilities.
moonlight , trusting your self is still important to be successful , and praisal is indeed needed sometimes so as to encourage people and keep them in the right track if they are, especially when they are in the begining of their path, I actually experienced that at the begining of my career.

But at the end , the confidence you get is from your own achievements and results , for example : Good doctors have confidence from the results they do not from who tells them You are a good one.

I don't agree with Haal that being less confident makes you percieve confident people as Arrogant.
Because even the simplest people can find out the difference between an Arrogant person who thinks as if he has it all and looks to others in an inferior look and another who has confidence in himself but humble and knows he doesn't have it all at the end
Lovely set of photographs below. Wish I was there.

And no, arogance and confidence are two different things. Those who are not confident may cover it up by being arrogant. No?
Happy you liked the photos Shirazi.. I myself wish to go there again :)

Those who are not confident may cover it up by arrogance?! Umm.. I beg to differ, I guess arrogance is a developed state of confidence.. though I might be mistaken.
Let us look at it this way: Confidence comes with knowledge. And knowledge does not lead you to become arrogant. It helps you to spread the knowledge. Tell me I am wrong.
You are not wrong.

Let me reflect that on myself, and tell you how things work with me. I might have the knowledge, as others, and as my work talks for me. But still, I feel it’s nothing, I always have the feeling that things must have been better. That continous feeling of looking less at my work automatically decreases from my confidence. And if I try to tell myself that I do things well, I feel that it’s not a normal feeling which gives me the feeling of arrogance!