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Thursday, September 08, 2005
My schedule for today was full. Yesterday (I’d rather say today) I slept at 5 a.m. which means that I couldn’t wake up before 11 a.m. I had and interview in about 1 hour distant place and I had to take the car to the service center coz I was having some problems with the car breaks. Called them, and they said come at 1 p.m. so that the spare part would be available. I had to be in the other side of town at 3:30 p.m. which means I should leave where I was at 2:30. I felt a little bit dizzy, wasn’t concentrating in anything. The day started by burning something with the iron, but it was ok.

I went to the service center at 12:45, I asked if they could finish the car before 2, but they said it will take about two hours. I stayed there till 2 and then left leaving the car there to get repaired.

I wanted to go to the police office to get my voting card and know where I should vote. But I was short in time. I called people I’m having an interview with to postpone it to tomorrow, but they said it’s not possible. I asked if I can come late at 4:30, he told me I could come at 4.

I had no time to check what transportations go there, so I took a taxi. I reached there about 3:20. I was asked to wait in the waiting room for a while. We were two guys and four girls. One of the girls was there form 1:30, others were having their interview at 3, and we all waited.

We kept waiting, and waiting... One of the ladies was that kind of a hyper active lady. She didn’t sit in one place. She kept moving from a place to the other, and signs of boredom appeared on her. Then she started to talk, she tried to open any kind of discussion with us. It started with politics, she asked if any of us went to vote or not, then that was followed by her analysis of each of Mubarak, Ayman Nour, and No3man Gom3a.

Actually, I don’t feel at ease with people who open a discussion out of the blues with people they see for the first time. Plus, she is the kind of people who thinks she is Miss know it all. And she was very talkative.

We waited for so long, to the extent that we talked about everything, politics, elections, the economical state, traveling, shopping, food, her family, her friends, our stories with the governmental employees, our faculties, careers. That’s what I remember, I guess we talked about more than that! We didn’t leave anything without talking about it.

You know that movie of been el sama w el ard (between the sky and the ground). It was talking about a group of people who were locked in an elevator for a very long time, and the whole movie was about the life of each one of them. Sitting in that waiting room was very similar. I feel that by the end of the day we became friends who know many things about each other! At the beginning I didn’t like it, but it went fine afterwards.

3:30 passed, then 4, 5, 6!

Finally, I had my interview at 7, then I had a second interview, and I got accepted :D whether I’ll be joining or not that’s another story, will be talking about it later.

Thank God, I finished at about 7:45. I had a meeting with some friends at 7:30, but I didn’t go, I was very tired, plus I wanted to go for the voting before it was 10.

Took a taxi to somewhere in the middle, then I took the air conditioned bus (aka CTA) to home. It has been sometime since I last took that bus. I used to enjoy it, but now, it became in a very bad state, it’s not anymore air-conditioned, and they even decreased it’s ticket.

Anyways, I still enjoyed my ride. The city wasn’t crowded as usual compared to other days. I felt it has been sometime since I’ve been to many streets. A feeling of happiness filled me for no reason. Looking from the window at people, cars, streets, and shops is really something that I like.

I went home, then went to the police office at 9 p.m. to know where my name is listed for voting. Inside the police office there was a crowd of people. Some of them were wearing that green shirt written on it “Yes Mubarak” ( I really wonder why would they write that in English?!!) Anyways, I pretended as if they are not there, coz they were really getting on my nerves. Went to ask about the place to vote. It was a little bit crowded. There were a guy and his wife who were asking about their place, and they were told it was in a school beside the place where they live. The guy got frustrated, he said “ I come to the police office and you tell me go somewhere else, I should vote here” He was that kind of a person who wants to have a fight for any reason. The only thing he was afraid of was the fine that he gotta pay if he didn’t vote, that was the only motivator for him!!

Well, finally, I knew where I was to vote. It was a school near my house. I entered there, didn’t know what exactly should I do. I found some people looking in a list of names. I stood beside one of them while she was going through the names, may be I’ll find my name. I did find it. Asked what should I do after that, and they told me know that number beside your name. Then I went to another lady, told her I want to vote, what should I do?! She looked in a list of names in front of her, then told me your name is not here, you are not to vote in that place! I told her what?! I saw my name in that hanged list. She told me then go bring the number, I told her I know the number. I gave her the number, then she looked in another list, where she found my name (hwa lazem el wa7ed y2awe7 m3ahom ya3ny!!). Then she told me go to lagna 5/6. I went there, gave the guy sitting there my number, I signed there and he gave me the card for voting and I voted. After putting it in the box, I had that ink on my fingers!

That ink was really funny, coz they said it should remain for 24 hours. As soon as I went home, I washed my hands, and it wasn’t there anymore!

The moment I came out from the school, I felt a burden was removed of my chest. It was such a heavy burden, and I was afraid I won’t be able to catch up with them before 10 p.m. but I did.
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mmmm...u didn't mention whom did u vote for? :P
but I like these last-minute situations.
  At 9/08/2005 10:29:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
The ink thingie is weired...should stay for a while...that's why people were complaining yesterday!!
congrats for the job. even if u didnt accept it, but still it should boost your ego a little.
Sounds like a crazy, crazy day, Moon! I'll second Haal in congratulating you, you deserve it anyway.

P.S. Your post made be more optimistic about what I thought of being a schedule from hell! :)
Cheers Moon.
Rain, my life is always that last minute actions :D

Nerro, yeah that ink thing was wierd. Later, I knew that certain polling stations had a good ink, others like the one I voted in, only had that tabba3a beta3t el a7'tam!!

Haal, and Kayla thank you :) and yes Kayla it was such a crazy day.

Cheers Mohamed :)