What’s there in a name?!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Once we went to the optician to buy my mum an eyeglasses. After we chose it, and we were taking the receipt, the man writing the receipt asked mum for her name to write it down. She told him, Mrs. H. (where H. is my father’s name). The man thought he heard it wrong, and asked for it again. Then, he wrote down Mrs. S. (where S. is a female name somehow similar to H.).

After we went out, I asked mum “Why didn’t you tell him your name?” She answered, I’m not supposed to do. That’s the norm, a women is called with her husband’s name. That even happens in western countries. She added that even some women are called by their son’s name, for example, Om Ahmed (Ahmed’s mother).

I really was annoyed for such a way of thinking. I don’t know what’s in a women’s name that they don’t say it in public?!
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I think in western countries, the wife decides that, meaning she chooses or changes her name to be called by her husband's last name..but it's a tradition or something..most of the wives do that.
As for eastern countries, I don't think that it's a norm..it's not that popular to call the wife with the husband's name..but still it's not preferable to tell the name in public..don't know why!!!
yeh most wives change their second name, although it isn't needed to be changed.
all i know, in islam a woman is called by her name.. we call Al sayida khadija, 3a2esha ...etc.

yet what happens is normally acording to our traditions in egypt and eastern coutries for that seclution they place women in
  At 7/21/2005 10:53:00 PM Anonymous laser guy said:
I think cultural things will fade away into the new generations.
And by the way the legal change of lastnames that happen here in northamerica is 7aram, ie muslims should choose not to do so. "7'alt fil ansab".
same guy but i change from blogless to blogness (hmmm sounds interesting might turn it into an article)
I don't know whether it's legal or not.. but I feel it's not. But that's not the issue for me. The only thing bothering me is making female names a secret or smth of the sort, though I'm quite sure there is nothing wrong is saying it loud.

When would people make logic work?!!

Would like to read your article about that.