I’m not from Venus nor Mars.. I’m from Earth

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Throughout the number of years I’ve lived, which are not that many, I’ve been wondering to which do I belong.. Venus or Mars?!

I’m said to be from Venus.. but I barely have common ground with them. I thought then I’m from Mars.. but later I discovered I’m neither from there.

Kept looking ,searching, and wondering to which do I belong. But I felt I belong to none. I’m from somewhere else. I’m from that planet called Earth. I’m not categorized into those two main categories.

I’m different.. and I shouldn’t be trying to find similarities.. May be I should go looking for people from Earth like myself.
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aren't u related to the moon somehow. Not entirely from Earth ya3ny...
But you should try to find similarities. On the one hand, it's always healthy to have a good idea of your "differentiator", a sense of identity as to what makes you who you are. But on the other hand, emphasizing similarities should help you communicate, close the gap between you and your surroundings, rather than make it bigger.
Do I make any sense? :)
Well..according to some beliefs of mine, yeah , u r from the moon..if u wanna know why,I'll tell u ;)
Well, guys, she's from the Moon, probably, but hey? Isn't the Moon strongly connected to Earth? :))
I really enjoyed this post! It's true, dividing everythins in two strict cathegories solves nothing!
Mohamed, you are right. I even don't belong entirely to Earth :(

Chris, yes you are making sense. But, each time I try to emphasize these similarities.. It turns out to be fake. I know that it helps in closing the gap between me and the surroundings. But for that reason this gap is getting wider.

Rain, I have a guess why you are saying that I'm from the moon ;)
Yeah Kayla the Moon is strongly connected to Earth.

I don't like dividing everything into categories, and making some generalizations accordingly.