I don’t like to take..

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I don’t like to take.. coz I never guarantee I’ll return it back.
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love the song! suits our state!
That's very wise.
What state bezabt ya haal?! Is it related to that
post ?!

rain, seems that I'm getting older and wiser ;)
YEs, I am now Mrs. From cairo! :)
and I am ba3l Haal.
LOL :)
LOL.. guys, r u kidding, wala betekalemo bgad?!
Ofcourse we're serious.. howa el7agat dee feeha hezar!!
Mesh 3arfa leeh my intuition mesh mesda2ko :P

But if that's serious, then congratulations :)
serious of course ya moon.
w ba3deen b2a.. the more u r saying it's serious, the more I'm doubting it :D
You are making use of my mind being in a vacation these days :D .. how stupid am I to believe this?!
Hey at least you are being honest ;) haha.
Yeah, honesty is the best thing.