Ever hated yourself for loving someone?!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ever hated yourself for loving someone?!
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  At 6/12/2005 12:53:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Not exactly hate, but maybe despise ..u don't really know if this is urself or not cause u act as a totally different person than the usual one!
Cause when it comes to love, there's no more rules, all rules are broken..that's the precise description that sums it all.

Yeah no rules, but only pain!! And you hate urself for putting her in that situation.
I think yes, but only for a temporary period of time, that is if it was really love and not anything else that we mistook for love..

Becasue simply if and when u love, you cannot hate, but you can hurt deep enough, or get very angry, but still be uncapable of actually "hating" the one u loved.

Down deep inside, this love leaves a true everlasting mark in our memories and hearts and souls!

Nothing is general after all, people are different
wiat wait wait.. i hadn't read ur comment moonlight, what do u mean "puting her in that situation" ???

I guess u would have to rephrase your question then.. because it was too general. Hating urself for loving someone is something, and hating urself for hurting someone is another.. ( i hope i got that right)
sorry for the many comments, but even if u hurt someone, that too can be for their own good, since u realised u r not in love with them or that u r two great pple but not compatible, so there.. u don't "always" have to hate urself and think u really hurt them, because in truth, it is better than going deeper.
I hope i understood what u were trying to say.
having ppl i can friends of my own ya moon

it really hurts
Umm.. seems that it's me who always confuse people when I talk to myself. That 'her' I was talking about was myself.. Wish things are clear now.
Hate is such a strong emotion. And i didn't really 'hate' myself. I just felt sorry for myself. Because i realised it was wrong.

I was sorry for the time and for the emotions wasted.

(goodness, i sound so depressing!)
yes you can hate yourself for loving someone, or making someone love you !!

if you love someone and either he doesn't respond, or things don't go well between you and the other side, you may start to hate your heart for choosing the wrong person, but really as all the others said, there are no rules

the other case when you make someone love you by a mistake, when you give him the feel that you care while you don't have a thing in your mind, this will make life like a piece of hell while thinking all the time of the one you hurted , and the great guilt, this could drive you too to hate yourself

I do hate myself sometimes, which I forget that by time :(
I don't think hate is what I felt. Then again, it is hard for me to hate anyone or anything. But i did feel a lot of anger, pain and regret for investing way too much in someone who really wasn't worth it. And even more of those feelings when i realized I did it more than once...