Finally I'm done

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Though I can barely open my eyes.. but I just can’t help it from writing something here.
Today was my final seminar for my graduation project. Finally I’m done with all that headache.

That was the reason for the absence of couple of days. Just wanted to make that little announcement. Got loads of things to talk about.. but I guess I’d better do that when I’m awake.
For now, I’m wishing myself sweet dreams ;)
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Congratulations, Moon! I'm sure you and your family are really proud of you!
Thank you Blue, and Kayla :)
Congratulations :) It's always a great feeling finishing the exams.

I was amazed to find a link on your blog's homepage to mine. Thanks a million for that. Your blog is a really active place. But I was wondering how you know me :)) You do not provide much info about yourself in your profile ;)
But I am guessing you could be graduating from Faculty of Computer Science Ain Shams University :) Are you?
sweet dreams :)
Thank you Christian and amoris.

Chris, yes I am graduating from there. Plus, I had a summer training last year at ITWorx.
We must have met before then :)

Good luck with your exam results, you should apply here btw, it's a nice place and we're recruiting aggressively as we speak. Having been trained here will also definitely give you an edge.

Don't hesitate to email if you need anything, you can contact me at chris(dot)kamel(at)gmail
Yeah, I'm considering applying there.

Thank you for the support. The moment I need anything I won't hesitate contacting you :)