A lady with high heels

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

For the past couple of days, I was playing that role.. A lady with high heels. The moral I got from that experience.. I’d never do that again to myself.

The first day, was my final seminar.. then it was followed by a party. So, I was wearing that high heels shoes starting from 2:00 P.M to 11:00 P.M. Going home in a state that I can barely put my feet down. I thought I won’t be able to walk for 3 days or so.

Then I had a rest for a day.. and I continued that story today. I was having an employment fair.. and I had to wear that high heels again. The pain was double that I had on the first day.. and I really looked funny.

Yeah I’m short.. but no more high heels.
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(Y)...totally agree with u.
No need for high heels AT ALL..it really hurts :S
Allah yesam7oh elli ekhtar3 el high heels aslan!
Begad Allah yesam7o :(
Darebt el sheyaka en e7na net3zb keda?
Oh, I so feel your pain girl! :) But imagine how it feels when your boss says you should keep the high-heels, especially when there are lots of meeting and then you have to go see some lands in the other part of the city...So, high heels from 8am to 8 pm for three days in a row...:(
Ohh.. that must have been a painful experience Kayla!
Nah, not at all! After the first day you are so beyond any known pain! :))