Monday, June 20, 2005

A lot to be said, but words don’t come easy..

Just listen to that background song.. it says a lot about what’s inside.
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wht song moony.. tell me the name.. as i dont have a speaker :D
It's Goodbye by Air Supply.
:S ... don't judge now!! u never know what's gonna happen..
how do u have music on ur blog?
moon ur blog is a bit heavy...
plz do something abt it
Haal, right click on my page and view the source. Then press ctrl F and type Song of the day.. you will find a tag starting with embed src.. add that line where you would like the player plug in to be displayed.. Replace the link of the song by the link for the music or song u want to add.

I tried to add the line here, but it's having problems being included in a comment.

Wish I helped you.
Blue.. tell me what should I do about it.. It is loading fine with me.
Thanks Moon for the help. I will give it a shot.

Happy Birthday!!!!
do u know if I can make it point to a mp3 that I have on my machine instead of having it point to a link?

Dont want to ruin ur birthday party with my questions.
HOpe u will enjoy it.
Happy Birthday, MoonLight! Make the best of it: party like crazy! :))
Thank you Haal :)

As far as I know the mp3 file should be hosted somewhere, meaning, you can't make it point to ur machine.

The only way I managed to do this was uploading my music on geocities.. though that might sound a dumb solution.. but it's the only way I got at the moment.

Geocities is not that reliable.. it drops a lot plus it's only 15 MB that is available.
Thank you kayla :)

I'll be sure to make the best out of it ;)
she did party, in an collage presentation
YAY what a party ;))))
hehe.. Yeah, I spent half of the day at college :S

But I did go out after that.