Saturday, November 01, 2008
She knew about this trip by mere coincidence.. normally it was very strange to go for such a trip with people she doesn't know.. however, she was very much into it that she did all she can do to come.. She even managed to convince the organizer to change the dates for the trip to suit her schedule.. she convinced one of her friends to join.. her parents didn't mind, which is a little bit weird.. Finally she did it.. and she came for the trip.. she was fighting for her destiny I might say..

He wasn't coming to the trip.. though he never missed any.. at the last moment he decided to come.. he was with her at work.. but they never knew each other..

Guess what?! Yes, they are getting engaged soon :)

I just knew about it today.. as much as I was expecting it, as much as I'm really surprised..

Re-viewing the whole story.. I really feel amazed.. very small things.. and strong determination managed to get them together..

You never know what destiny might bring in your way..
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