Sunday, July 06, 2008
For almost more than two weeks and I've been feeling extremely bored.. not sure what's the reason.. the only thing I know is; I'm not enjoying anything in my life.. I'm extremely bored at work.. have loads of stuff to do, but I'm not accomplishing anything.. and definitely I'm not feeling well about this zero output..

Thought of taking couple of days for vacation to break this boredom status.. however, realized it won't work, since weekends makes things worse.. I feel more bored.. doing nothing new.. actually doing nothing..

So, the case now is, I can't tolerate work, nor do I tolerate having days off.. I'm getting a very boring person to people around, and that by time will result in them leaving me drown in my boredom..
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  At 7/13/2008 12:36:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:

What can I say?! I am being through the same state of mind for quite sometime now, what makes it worse is that my memory is getting rusty, I could hardly remember people names, work related stuff, lossing interest ..etc
I know that this is not me so I am tying hard to break this towards something else more positive, hopefully.

hmmmm, what kind of work you do?!