After the meeting

Monday, April 21, 2008
So.. things went as I really wanted.. the meeting was ok, though I came out with a long list of To Do(s).. but I enjoyed it.. it was the first time we attend a meeting together.. wanted to see him in meetings.. how he deals with things..

On our way back to location Y, I was the happiest ever.. we had the longest conversation.. well, let me redefine it.. I had him talking for hour and a half.. it was kind of a one way conversation.. but I enjoyed listening.. and just throwing a question or a comment, and leave him talk..

If someone else was in my place they would have hated the talk.. actually, he was telling me about his girlfriend.. from which we jumped to other topics.. but still, all related to how he sees her, or how he is dealing with her..

At the moment I was happy, just for chitchatting together.. however, when I returned back and recalled the conversation again, I'm the angriest ever.. at times I feel that what he has been saying was for only one reason; to convey that there would never be anything between us.. Other times, which most probably is a result from my imagination.. I feel he is only teasing me.. I'm not sure.. but he is really getting on my nerves.. it's not the time yet to get him out of my list :S
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