Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Since we moved to that new building and I'm not feeling good.. first it was that place issue.. then it was kinda resolved, by me taking another different place, a good one actually, but still not that one I was targeting.. but I thought I should let it go.. at least for my own sake..

But seems it's the new building itself.. I can't get accustomed to it.. I feel like a stranger.. I barely leave my desk except for breaks.. not the usual me!

We've been there for almost a month now, and I feel it's very cold.. not as cozy as our previous building.. I used to feel at home before.. loved my place, my desk, everything..

One major con of this new building that it's like a school.. with corridors.. anyone who thinks of getting out of his/her office.. will be watched by people all over the building.. it's really strange.. you feel you are being watched..

One another new thing is this break area we are having.. before, the building was over crowded, and we used to eat at our offices.. no common time for break, and only friends used to gather in one of the offices and eat together..

What's happening now is, we have the same break time, and we are gathered in the same place.. as much as I loved this at the beginning, as much as I'm hating it now.. it turned the company to the worst gossip environment ever!

I really can't believe it.. how this gossiping rate increased, you find all people watching each other.. one group commenting on this person, another wondering about that group she is sitting with.. all people are watching, and they keep on talking.. talking.. talking.. and unfortunately, you sometimes find urself engaged in one of these gossip sessions.. the environment is getting less and less innocent.. you have to watch yourself for everything you are doing, you never know when u r gonna be the hero of one of these gossips..

The questions that keeps popping in my mind.. are there really people talking about me.. if yes, what would they say.. how would they interpret my actions.. are they really realizing who I'm sitting with.. do they have any problem with this..

It's really getting on my nerves!
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I totally understand your worries ya Moon. Somehow I feel me near you keda, mesh 3arfa leh..

bas don't think much about it this way..
at least eating with people all together better than eating alone..
u now know more people than you used to :)
I still know no body in here...

but life goes on...
Don't put that in mind dear :)