Emotional attachment

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
About a month ago I changed my place at work.. supposedly, I took a bigger space.. a more private one, but since I moved, I feel I’m distracted.. I feel uncomfortable.. I can’t get used to the place.. it doesn’t feel like mine.. and it’s really affecting my performance.. I’m not sure whether changing the place is the reason.. at least I think it’s one of the reasons..

People are leaving.. new people coming.. things are no longer as they used to be.. even myself, I changed.. I’m not doing what I used to do.. I’m not seeing things the same way I used to see it.. though, I became more aware of what’s going on around me, but I don’t like it.. I prefer not knowing..

I’m having new friends (not close friends, I’d say close colleagues).. for me, it’s a new type of relationship.. at times I don’t like naming a relation.. I hate putting borders.. I hate putting rules and regulations for each type.. however, I sometimes find things vague.. and always ask myself this question; is it possible to have work friends?! I mean, can things get that close to the extent of friendship?! Can we jut put off all these protecting shells and expose this vulnerable self to other work colleagues?! What if they miss use this trust?! What if they pretend to care just because they want you to finish some work for them?! I hate mixing between personal relations and work relations.. I barely can separate between both.. and things get messed!

Talking of change, I always seek it.. however, whenever I have it, I feel anxious.. I need time to get used to things.. and when I get used, I get emotionally attached, and when I get emotionally attached I feel bored and I seek change, but I find it hard.

I’ve been working now at my current workplace for about 2.7 years.. and we are moving.. we are leaving our current building for a new one.. at the beginning, I was very enthusiastic about it.. but then, when it’s getting closer everyday, I’m worried.. not sure of what?! But I’m not comfortable.. definitely, it’s gonna take me hell of a time to get used to that new building!!
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come onnnn,its not a big deal at the end of the day.