A friend..

Monday, June 11, 2007
He used to be one of my best virtual friends.. at a certain point of time, we used to talk for hours daily.. it was like our daily routine.. I know I'll log in to find him there.. he was one of the very few who cared to look inside and try to understand.. we never met.. and I think if we did that would have ended the connection between us.. not that there is smth wrong with him.. but because the connection was meant to be that way..

I used to share almost everything with him.. my feelings, dreams, problems.. many times I wondered would this person ever disappear from my life?! And I tried to convince myself that this will not happen..

As days went by.. and each one of us became more involved in his ‘real’ life than that other space that connected us.. we tried to keep the connection.. but it seemed that the lifetime of that connection expired..

I remember him once wondering if he will ever get married and have a daughter.. and I said yes, why not.. but at that time he made me feel it was such a far unreachable dream for him..
Last time I heard from him, he told me that he got engaged.. and was going to get married (katb ketab) in a short while..

I immediately remembered that conversation that we had.. and realized that days are really passing very fast.. it’s been almost one year now since we last connected.. and I got a real answer to my question.. yes, the time will come when this person disappears from my life..
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Some friendships, online or offline, last. Others don't. Weird, true and mostly unchangeable. Those who stick around are real friends. Those who don't are not. Easy and very painful at times. As we all know :)
It is always a choice of two persons to go in a freindship sometimes one party fails, sometimes the two parites fail to continue but it is a matter of choice wether to continue or not.
I totally agree with you that internet realtionships should be kept there.

Be thankful you had a friend to share your thoughts for that time, alot of ppl wish to get one.

Wish him good luck and may you too get your dreams coming true soon and have this daughter soon :)