I miss blogging

Saturday, April 14, 2007
I’ve been away from blogging for a long time.. stopped writing in my own blog, stopped commenting, and managed to follow very few blogs just by reading, or even skimming through, without having the time to write comments..

Many reasons behind being away.. main one was work.. I hardly can do anything from work except to work, and this means I had no chance to do any blogging activity from work, and by the time I used to go home, the only thing that I could think of was sleeping..
It has been such a tough period.. but thank God things will be better from now on, at least that’s what I’m hopping for..

During that time, I missed my blog very much.. there were times when I badly needed to vent off, to write and let it out.. but I had no time for myself.. no time that I could sit, and write.. other times, I felt that I need to write, not to vent off but to keep record of such good moments that I had..

On the 25th of March, I attended Fire Of Anatolia.. it was very nice.. was planning to write all about it.. but I was carried out with things that I forgot all about it..
That was followed by attending the opening and the closing for ACES 2007 (Annual Conference for Engineering Students).. had a lot to write about it as well.. it’s all gone..

One last thing to say.. I wish I won’t be kept away again for such a long time..
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