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Saturday, February 17, 2007
Young & Restless
Young at Heart

That's how I was described.. is it true?! I wonder.
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As I think it is a self question i won't answer it.
But I will talk about the wise young people as me the people who got wise by reading and viewing others experiences, people who see the world from their point of view not the view forced on them by other people.
But there is always the wise old guy with experience equal to his age and I can' compete that.
from your writings you seam young at heart and may be restless in mind.
Hechkok, any elaborations on being young at heart and restless in mind?!

What is it in my writings that gives you that impression?!
Someone who has lots of sensitive feelings and emotions that are waiting to be discovered and a pure heart and in the same time a mind that don't stop thinking and analysing.
Don't ask me from where I noticed this it is just what I felt from your writings. hope you don't hate my opinion and Hope i touched the truth.
Why hate your opinion?! Actually I think it's true..