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Monday, March 05, 2007
I’ve been always complaining about work.. how much I hate it when I’m pressured, and asked to do a lot of extra effort and just forget about my personal life..

Couple of weeks ago, I was asked to come on the week end.. I hate myself for it.. and was planning not to go.. and I was in a very bad mood for the whole week.. I was totally angry.. and actually I thought of leaving work..

Was talking to a colleague, and was telling him how awful I was feeling.. and he advised that I should be more passionate about work.. I should give it more, to take more from it..

What he said made sense.. and I made a promise with myself that I should love my work.. be more passionate about it.. and try to have a long term vision..

Started implementing that plan.. and I gotta say that it perfectly worked out.. I’m going to work on weekends feeling that I’m enjoying what I’m doing.. I daily stay late at work, without being bothered at all..

But the thing is, other sides of my life will be affected.. I’m telling myself this will be for sometime, and things will be back to normal again.. but I’m afraid it won’t..

Why worry about it now.. I’ll just leave days to prove how things will work out..

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You run the risk of it becoming a habit. To prevent that, you just have to be a little careful. That's it! :) Easier said than done, I know.
I have a different opinion about this issue, I totaly agree with your freind about the passion you need in your work but this don't mean to neglect your personnel life.
In order to be a successfull worker you must balance between your work and your spare time. this balance could not work right for some days in case of emergency but in the usuall days and the normal routine you must do this balance and insisit on it to be able to be a good worker.
No personnel life = failure in work issues.
a clear mind = a succcesful worker
they will get used to it , i mean your extra devotion , and when you get back to your normal life , whech means working from 9 to 5 .. they will consider that a set back from your side :)
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hey there, long time no contact. But I need to ask you a question, so I contact :P

But first, let me answer to this post.

Sometimes we apply external advices from friends or relatives, but hey.. whatever advice that does not originate from us is usually not for us. And we do them for this excuse of tricking ourselves.. "Ya it's wrong, but it wasn't my idea"..

Your life is yours.. your whole experience is your own responsibility. Find where you best fit in work for yourself and go ahead. There is no success without a price, and nobody could excel in everything. Narrow down your interests, and define your main objectives, because every meaning in your life will be based upon those early times in your career and life.

Btw.. it's very normal to be unstable early in your career. Just focus ;)

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Alina, doing my best to keep the balance.. but yeah, it's hard..

Hechkok, I totally agree.. I said to myself that this shouldn't be the case everyday, and I'll be giving work more of my time till we are done with this project we are working on.. however, seems that they think I'll be used to it and this will be the normal!!
Well.. I'll never let this to be the normal!

Salateenoo, well, seems they will be used to it, but I'll won't allow this to happen.. Still I'm capable of asking for my rights.

Arto, I guess I learnt something.. objectives might change as we grow up.. the trick is to adapt yourself as quickly as it changes..
You won't make it right if you don't love it :)