Saturday, June 02, 2007
You know that feeling of being lost.. been having this feeling lately..
Feeling that I don’t belong.. that I’m carried with the daily life.. having nothing that I’m looking for.. no plans, no dreams.. nothing except waiting for the day to end..
At the same time I’m doing my best to escape thinking.. unfortunately thinking takes me nowhere, I just feel more lost..

I’m not sure what’s going inside of me.. sometimes I feel I’m having weird thoughts.. I feel it’s not me who is taking control of myself.. I’m starting to be someone else.. not sure whether I like that new version of me or not.. at the same time I’m not capable of returning back to who I was..

The worst feeling I’ve ever had.. living without a dream.. a goal that I’m seeking.. even if I had one, I’m too lazy to work hard and achieve it..
I don’t have any motive to do anything..
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We all have our moments when we feel everything is pointless and meaningless. All we can do is let it go and try searching within us for the reasons, motivation and joy we need. Cheer up Moon, and all the best to you :)
Thank you Alina :)