A phone call

Saturday, April 14, 2007
A simple phone call turned my life up side down for the previous 48 hours.. you’d wonder who was it and what was said for all that.. I’d say that from the point of view of a normal person.. this might be a normal phone call that could pass by without even being noticed.. so why am I doing all the fuss about it.. I wonder..

Well, when I think about it, I find out that it was a little bit strange.. was just talking about the person and that I was waiting for him to contact for any reason.. at the same time I was expecting to see him in an outing the same day..

I was there.. sitting among people.. when I suddenly realized that my mobile was ringing.. brought it out of the bag to find out his name on my mobile.. for a second I didn’t believe it.. I answered, but he had already hung up.. and I discovered that this was the second missed call.. I immediately called him again.. was curious to know what was it about.. the only thing I had in mind was he was asking for directions to come to the outing..
I called, and he answered immediately..

My assumption for the reason of the call turned out to be wrong.. The apparent reason was a little bit weird.. not sure whether it was a real reason, or just a fake one to call... and that's what's turning me crazy.. the phone call was very short, however, I felt it meant something.. or may be it's me who want it to mean something.. I don't know.. We made it an open end call, meaning that I should call to arrange a meeting to give him something..

I'm anxious to call.. I'm waiting to see his name again on my mobile.. I'm afraid I'm just dreaming of something that doesn't exist.. I'm tried of thinking..
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Dearest Moon, I hope it all turns out just as you want it :) This was a great story, I could almost feel the butterflies, yours that is! BTW, you have also been tagged :P
A cute way of telling stories, wish you all the love in the world with this lucky guy.
A relation ship is a sum of mutual steps to minimize the distance between two people so you must do your part and wait for the other to do his part.
I've missed your blog, you have a lovely way of writing. I hope this is the start of something good for you.
Hi Moon! Haven't seen you in a while. Hope everything's ok :)
It's been a long time. Hope you are well.
Alina & Safiya, I'm really thankful for you asking :)
Everything is fine thank God, was just a little bit busy..
Will be back to normal posting soon hopefully :)