Teach the clients to do it themselves :D

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Things have been going normally, one day I’m on the edge, other day I’m feeling good, seems I should accept that life goes on that way.

There is a project that I’m willing to take the initiative for :D I want to teach clients how to develop their own software systems :D Wouldn’t that make our life much easier!!

At least they are gonna tailor everything according to their requirements, they will know how do we suffer from their requirements, and it’s only then that they will appreciate what we are doing for them.
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LOL .....:D:D
Excellent idea.......but what will be our job then??:D:D
Interesting project! I would like to get myself involved into a diferent one: how to teach our clients not to panic for every little nosense. :D
Umm.. Our job.. will be teaching them ya Rain :D

LOL.. that's a good one as well Kayla.. would love to get involved in one like this as well :D