I’ve always hated generalizations

Friday, July 15, 2005

Came yesterday from the North Coast, to find Cairo having that horrible hot weather. I’ve always wished that weather doesn’t affect my mood, but it always does.

I couldn’t say that I spent a wonderful time there, nor it was bad. It was the normal. Last week I had that IBM exam. I didn’t feel good about it. They were about 7 exams for about 5 or 6 hours, things weren’t organized by anyway, I didn’t expect it to be like this.

People around were solving the exam in groups. Even that they are cheating in!!

The surprise I got when I came back yesterday was, some people heard that IBM decided they won’t take anyone from my faculty as a result of what happened in that exam.

I’ve always hated generalizations.
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That kind of generalization can only be hated! About the weather, come here, it's kind of cold and raining! Actually most of the country is flooded, so let's change :))
I didn't know IBM staff could be stupid, though! And I used to help organize press confrences for their Romanian branch! But if they think like that, I guess you really have nothing to lose by not working with them!
Yeah, I've heard about the flood and rain in Romania. I'm glade you are safe.

Yeah I lost nothing by not working with them. It's just the situation that irritated me.
By the way, they have part of the responsibility for what happened.
Though I have a gut feeling that our dear faculty has a big part too.
Anyway, what's done is done.
Not being defensive but rather intending to provoke thoughts. What would you do if you were in IBM's shoes.....
Well, if I were in IBM's shoes I would have been more organized than that.. I wouldn't have allowed cheating in the first place.. They are responsible for it.

I don't like that concept of punishment prevails.
They're a bunch of idiots apparently. I'd suggest you speak to them (don't give up so easily).. maybe even tell them that you're willing to take the exam again to prove that you weren't of the cheating group. It is unfair I know, but you've got limited options, and they're among the better few.
As you said it Mohamed, they are bunch of idiots. I won’t like it working with such people. Moreover, I’ve heard that the general atmosphere there isn’t that nice.
So where else do you wanna work at now Moon?
Mainly now it's ITWorx, though I'm considering other options.