I owe them, but..

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I’ve always wished to live in a deserted island far away from people. Do whatever I like without putting surrounding people into consideration.

Some might tell me you shouldn’t put other people into consideration, but I can’t. Moreover, I’m talking about people whom I owe them a lot.

When it comes to parents, and grandparents I feel that they did me a lot, and the time came for me to repay them what they did.

But as a result of that generation gap, plus lack of understanding between us, I rarely reach a common ground with them. And a conflict is created inside of me between wanting to please these people I love and wanting to do what I enjoy doing.
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Yeah, I understand what u r saying and u r right, we do owe our parents alot :S...but they did that with love and true sacrifice, they only wanted us to be happy..even if this happiness reflects their expectations of us..still they deserve to be happy..maybe ur role here will make them happy as well but convince them with ur way that is probably contradicting to theirs, but u'll prove u r right when u achieve it.