Suddenly I found myself a grown up!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Suddenly I found myself a grown up and I’m gonna be kicked out to real life very soon.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to be happy, or sad. It just feels different, and a little bit scary.

I’m still a baby in the inside, I’m not ready for any major changes in my life. I’m not ready for taking decisions which will shape the rest of my life.

I’m all full of dreams, but still I don’t know what is it that I wanna do!

Will the time come for me to give up on these dreams, and live the real life?! Or should I struggle for achieving them?! Still the world is not as perfect as I want it to be. Would I be able to change it?! I doubt.

Yeah.. it’s the time for me to decide my career objectives. I don’t know what is it that I wanna do after graduation, nor do I know where would I like to work. I need a lot of time to make such a decision, but I’m required to take that decision in a couple of days time.
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Take your time to decide ... you might fail at the first time ... but you should be able to rearrange the papers and begin again ...

Beleive me ... even if you know what you want to do ... you will find yourself scared ...

good luck
  At 6/05/2005 01:17:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
:S I share the same feeling.
It's really scary...hope it'll be ok though.
I've never thought I'll say that but I'll really miss being a student!! I'll miss writing notes of lectures, trying to organize my papers to study ,striving to understand strange topics..
Anyway , it's just a phase we've to finish and start a new's only the beginning.

Ahmad, I know I might fail at the first time, and I guess I'm totally ready for that, coz I've always believed that it's never late to make a U-turn in one's life.. but it's always the first steps that feel scary.. fearing the unknown.

R, I'll miss being a student as well.. not coz I liked it when I was a student, but coz I had very little to worry about. Somehow I was taken blindly to wherever it was.
  At 6/05/2005 05:23:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Deart Moonlight Shadow,
It is rather inevitable that one grows up, it could be sad but it’s a fact of life. As to dreams; dreams are never meant to be given up; they sometimes push you into reaching a long-term goal. Yet not all dreams are quite the same. Dreams sometimes conflict with a sudden reality such as the one you’re presently being subjected to. You might be forced to do your share of sacrifices in life. And if you ever felt like you can no longer achieve a certain dream, then you can most definitely build up a new one, starting from where you had already stopped. A dream never dies, but it only paves a way to a yet new bigger dream. This is how life works. You are now in a turning point, where you will have to make critical decisions, and you will be expected to make some sacrifices. It must be a bit scary, yet it’s perfectly normal. You may need to sit with yourself and ponder about your future and your career. You should assess your skills and interests and give them the top priority. Study your options and listen to whatever your heart tells you. Do not be disappointed to do sacrifices, after all some dreams are not reachable. Why is it that you have got only two days to make your decision? I firmly believe that a decision of a lifetime needs more thinking. Anyhow, best of luck in your career, and I wish that I have helped in any small way.

--Mo3taz Abou-3eta.
I’m really glade to have seen you here Mo3taz :)

Indeed, you’ve helped in a great way, and I’d like to thank you for the support. Sometimes a person just needs to view things from a different angle, from where others might view it. Sometimes, I don’t listen to my own words, I need to hear it from other people.

The reason for the two days left might sound trivial. I have to submit my C.V. for our job fair in two days time, in which I should be specifying what are my career objectives, and my preferences for the place I’d like to work in. It might not be that critical thing, but it’s what triggered the whole issue within me.

As you said, I need that time with myself. Set my priorities, think, and put a plan to the coming years. Currently I don’t have that peace of mind to have that break with myself.

I wonder if I’m really short in time, or it’s me who are putting that pressure on herself.