She sleeps a lot!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

She sleeps a lot!! About 6years ago that was one thing my mum used to worry about, and she insisted that the reason behind me sleeping a lot was an illness or something of the sort.

Actually she never knew the reason behind that tendency of mine to sleep early and for more than the normal hours. But I had a very reasonable reason deep inside myself.

It was the only way for me to have that peaceful rest with myself escaping the whole world around, shutting myself in my room, and having that chit chat with myself. It was a way of escaping some questions from my family as where are you?! what are you doing?! And many questions of the sort. For them, I must provide a reason to stay at my room, and even if I managed to stay at my room, that didn’t mean that I escaped the disturbance. The only thing I managed to do is to claim that I’m going to sleep. Even that they worried about!!

Thank God, I passed that stage of depression I had back then.

What reminded me of that?! Well, seems I’ll be back to sleeping early. Yes, back again to escaping their interference in my life. Since most of the time I’m stuck in front of the computer, so I tried to change the place where it’s located, to a closed room, where I could decrease that degree of interference of knowing what I’m doing, and giving myself some space to think on my own without disturbance.

Do u think I managed doing this?! Unfortunately, I didn’t. They just leave everywhere else in the house and come to that room I’m in!!

Am I upset?! Am I angry?! No, not at all. I got used to that. But it’s just a question that keeps lingering in my mind, why parents don’t respect privacy of their sons and daughters.

I don’t believe that parents got to know everything about their children, there are still some red lines which they shouldn’t cross. May be coz we are in a community which doesn’t respect privacy. Umm.. May be!!
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Here is an advice: next time they come in, just invite them to see what you are doing. I mean, tell them 'hey, I am writing this thing about myself.... I am starting to develop this habbit of writing what i feel....' stuff like that.
This might help leave u alone. Try it.
Umm.. do u think this is gonna work?! I don't think so.

I know the consequences of me telling them this. They won't leave me ever alone when I'm sitting infront of the computer :D

Curiosity will kill them.
  At 4/25/2005 10:28:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
It just reminded me of my excuse for meditation! Yeah. Everytime I meditate I tell my parents I am sleeping, and well.. "He sleeps a lot" they say.

That's the only way a new generation of minds deal with antique generations who failed to keep up with science. But thanks for promoting our survival anyway.
They are curious to know what you are doing. If they discovered you are doing normal stuff (to their taste) they will leave u alone.