How old are you?!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What would be the reason behind that question?! What does age imply?! Does it imply wisdom, experience, maturity?! I doubt it implies any of these.

Age is simply years that we’ve passed living on this planet.. The way we make use of these years might be the measurement of a person’s experience. How much this person exposes himself to situations and experiences through which he/she might learn something new.

It’s how much we know that counts.. not how many years we’ve passed. I believe, youth in their twenties might be much more knowledgeable than old men in their 50s and 60s. Experience shouldn’t be measured by years, rather by what is it that we’ve accomplished in these years, how far have we gone.. how far have we improved.

I hate those judgments done based on a person’s age.. it’s one more category to the generalizations people do.
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The problem is that wisdom, experience and maturity are, unlike age, not quantifiable. People love to compare, and comparing ages is much easier than comparing any of the more important qualities of human beings.

As you said, it all stems from generalization, which is becoming the root of all evils these days.