Feeling Weird

Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Mab2tsh 3arfa maly.. I’m acting totally weird when he is around.. I can feel it, and definitely people around feel it as well.. but the question is, does he feel it?! Does he know how weird I act when he is around! The moment he enters from the door.. I can’t control how fast my heart beats.. I can’t control my voice tone.. I can’t control my excitement.. I know how dumb I appear at these moments.. but I’m just uncontrollable when he is around..

At times ana fe3lan bab2a afsha 3alieh.. but the moment I see him, I just forget all about it.. and then I keep blaming myself for forgetting all about it!

Sometimes, I feel he is smart enough to understand.. other times, I wonder, how can I feel that way aslan! We are different..Unfortunately! I’d cope with this difference, or that’s what I claim.. but, from his view, do I worth coping with the difference?!

A question that I wished to find a direct answer to.. are we really extreme styles?! Would there be any meeting points?! Or I’m just dreaming of nothing that would happen.. well, I shouldn’t deny it.. yes, it will take it’s time with me and everything will be over.. it happens every time.. I feel I can’t live without having the person around, and then suddenly I discover that I can’t tolerate him anymore!

At times, I feel he really cares.. he makes up stuff to contact, or that’s how I see it.. but other times.. he is extremely rude.. well, he turned me jealous.. it’s kind of a challenge for me.. however, it’s in his favor.. that’s why I’m hating that challenge..
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