Psychiatry in Egypt

Saturday, April 23, 2005

I wonder what’s the problem with psychiatry here in Egypt?! Why are people too sensitive towards that issue?! Is it a problem in how the community perceives psychological problems?! Or the problem that there are no good psychiatrists in Egypt, and they are aiming at only making money?! Or it’s the person who don’t have enough courage to admit suffering a psychological problem?!

Umm.. let’s see how I think of it. For many years I’ve had that idea of going to a psychiatrist, not necessarily coz I’m having a psychological problem, but just to speak out what is inside and find someone who would understand the implications of these thoughts I’m having.

But I was faced by a question, how far I’m in a bad need for visiting a shrink?! I don’t believe that this day by day problems implies that I need to visit a shrink, or else I’d find all people there.

So, I was faced by another question, how to know that I need a professional help?! I won’t be able to judge. Plus, I might be in a very bad need for having a psychotherapy but I’m not aware of it.

Well, let’s assume that I found answers to these questions, and I found out that I need an outside help. How would I trust someone I never knew before?! And I’m supposed to open up for that person.

I don’t have a clear opinion about how beneficial asking for an outside help would be. I think that they do nothing except ask people to depend on their inner will. If that is the case, then no need for them.
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It is the stigma of being associated with other socially unacceptable psychiatric disorders. And fear of being labelled. It is normal everywhere. And it is your right to hide that you are seeking any form of medical attention. There is no need to go around and announce that you are going to a psychiatrist.

But you should tell your family, explain to them. And reassure them that this will be a secret, this is how some families accept that a member can visit one.

Ok, how to know if you need to visit a psychiatrist:
1- If another doctor advices you to do so
2- If your problem is affecting your work or family life.
3- If you feel you just want to go

And psychiatrists are just like any other doctors, if you don't feel comfortable with her/him just find another one. If you don't feel that you can trust him. Find another one.
  At 4/26/2005 11:40:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
I think a person who realizes that he/she needs a professional help is really brave to confront his/her fears and problems and actually that's a very positive step towards solving the problem